Rep. Tom Garrett Jr

United States Congress VA District 5

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issue score
OpposeTrump unknown
SaveObamacare star_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border
Weed starstarstarstar star_border
PublicOption unknown
ProtectDreamers unknown
PoliceAccountability unknown
BasicEconomics unknown
GunSafety unknown
Climate unknown
ProtectSS unknown
MoneyPolitics unknown
ForiegnPolicy unknown
FamilyIssues unknown
ReproFreedom unknown
Ethics unknown


0 stars

I am a physician, really worried about the effect of the repeal of the ACA on my patients. I have been calling Garrett, my Republican Rep from Charlottesville area of VA to see what his position is. His staff tell me that “We have not discussed this with the representative yet” – which of course is the same thing as saying he is running away from having a position.


starstarstarstar star_border
4 stars

Consider the paradigm where if you have five pounds of marijuana and $100,000 in Virginia, you’re probably going to go to federal prison, federal being the key word there. If the same circumstances were met in Colorado, you’d be considered an entrepreneur. And that absolutely leads to unequal outcomes, which is unjust, and the federal government has refused to address that fact because of fear and lack of political will.

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